Crazy for Cones

Lately, it seems like pine cones are my personal go-to home decor staple. It’s not just because we sell a lot of sizes, styles, and colors either. That is just a perk that makes it easier for me to get my hands on them and scatter them around my home! A few on the mantel, a few in a vase…you get the idea.

Pine Cones in Vase
Pine Cones in Vase
Source: (Centsational Style Blog)

Not to mention that when your 3rd grader has science homework about the seeds of coniferous trees…you have a 3-D, hands-on model right at your fingertips (true story).

Anyway, the reality is pine cones are like the “little black dress” of the wardrobe. It’s a staple that looks great all by itself but can take on a variety of looks depending on the accessories it’s paired with. It’s extremely versatile and complements any style.

Beautiful Pine Cone Decor
Beautiful Pine Cone Decor Source: Pinterest and

Besides a home decor staple, pine cones are a craft staple as well! From camps to classrooms, nature’s gift is creativity’s base to endless ideas. Glue, glitter, paint, birdseed…the mediums are limited only by your imagination.

Speaking of imagination, I’m going to inspire  yours with some links to year-round visual “cone-tinual” goodies. And these are just a few of the many, many ideas for pine cones. Enjoy!

January: Penguin Pine Cones or Skiing Snowman Pine Cone

February: Pine Cone Valentines Wreath or Valentine Cones in Vase

March: Shamrock Cones

April: Pine Cone Carrot Wreath

May: Pine Cone Flowers

June: Pine Cone Bee

July: Patriotic Pine Cones

August: Pineapple Pine Cones

September: Wedding Pine Cone Bouquet or Pine Cone Placeholders

October: Pine Cone Owls

November: Pine Cone Turkeys or Pine Cone Votive Holders

December: Pine Cone Trees or Pine Cone Ornaments


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