Winter Pots with a Twist

Container gardening has been a popular gardening choice in recent years starting first with annuals, then expanding  into vegetables, and has most recently “spilled-over” (pun intended) into a year-round entity with the addition of winter porch pots.

Deluxe Berries and Branches Porch Pot Kit2

The reports we run in our business and the industry information we stay abreast of points out that this is the direction that Christmas and Winter decorating is headed. I love that we have the opportunity to put 100% focus into this season and product line. It affords us the time to really get creative and lead the movement in setting the trends.

Speaking of trends, succulents are showing up EVERYWHERE lately, from gardens to bridal bouquets. Their unique color and texture create a unique one-of-a-kind look. It doesn’t hurt, either, that they are easy to care for and don’t mind if you forget to water them!

While I don’t pretend to be an expert on succulents, I am aware that there are cold-hardy varieties that can withstand cold winter temperatures. This sets the stage for an innovative approach to winter pots for the 2016-2017 season.

So, let’s have some fun! Start with a pot that can withstand freezing temperatures and fill it with soil. Create a focal point in the center of your pot with taller greens such as spruce tops and then fill around it by planting a colorful selection of winter hardy succulents. Keep in mind the “thriller, filler, spiller” recipe as you add traditional winter greenery and succulents so you have a thrilling center, a filling middle, and greens and succelents that spill over the edge of the pot. Your winter pot will come to life in an array of color and texture!


Place your winter pot where it can be enjoyed all winter long both when you are outdoors and also when you are looking through the window when staying warm inside. It will add color and beauty to porches, patios, and other places in your yard. Then, when you are ready for your spring yard clean-up, simply remove the fresh cut greenery from the pots and recycle them (see ideas for recycling  your greenery in our FUTURE IS FRESH blog post). As for the succulents, you can leave them in the pots and add other plants if you wish or relocate them from the pots to somewhere else in your landscape.

If you try a winter pot with a succulent twist during the upcoming Christmas and Winter season, please upload it to social media and add #mmwintergreensinc to share with us  your beautiful creations! We want to see them!



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